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Challenge Update - 2 weeks into OMAD April

I made it halfway through OMAD April and wanted to provide a short update on my journey so far highlighting a few points.

Did I make it? Absolutely yes! Well, except for the Mondays where I fasted all-day and increased the fasting from 24 to 40+ hours. So technically I didn´t do a perfect OMAD, but fasting more does not feel like cheating to me 😉

Here is a screenshot from my fasting app of the first two weeks - the current week will follow in the next update:

👉The blue parts are the first 12 hours of the fast and the red parts are supposed to visualize the time in "ketosis".

In total, I had 12 meals in April so far and fasted completely on April 5th and 12th.

What can I tell you from the first two weeks? There are a couple of things for sure 😎 Let´s start:

The wonderful taste of food

Oh my god - I totally forgot how tasty some foods are. Therefore, I want to start with the wonderful taste of the food I was experiencing this month.

All of it begins with the smell of the food being prepared and finds its climax while being enjoyed. Nom nom nom.

Maybe this is the reason why we call it feasting 🤷‍♀️ Eating such wonderful and tasty meals is a feast.

Don´t get me wrong: I was not eating anything fancy. Just regular BBQ - as I am sticking to a carnivorish way of eating. But having fasted for 24 hours makes food tastes so much better!


Yes - I am fully in ketosis. I am measuring my ketosis with the breathing ketometer and I am currently in the area of 6 and 6+ and can proudly call myself a "fat-burning machine".

Being in ketosis is actually extremely helpful as I am not struggling with hunger or cravings at all. With this, OMAD has been easy for me so far as I am getting fuel from my own body fat. It´s odd to write it down as it sounds stupid, but I am eating myself.


I am happy to let you know that two weeks of OMAD improved my sleep. I am moving less, I am waking up less and I think I am having a deeper sleep.

All in all, I feel much more recovered and relaxed in the mornings than usual. I even drink less coffee (unintentionally) to get me started for the day.


If you worried about being cold and tired during OMAD, don´t be: I have plenty of energy. I am not tired, not exhausted and I want to move a lot. Thanks to my treadmill I am able to find a ventile so that I can use the energy I have.

That´s it for now! Happy fasting!

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