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About The Multi Blog

Hi there,

Welcome everyone! I am excited to start this journey with you and you can see this post as a kind of intro that sheds some light on the blog, its beginning, its history, and its purpose.

To be honest - I am late with launching this blog. I can tell you, I was thinking about this blog since - well, forever, and couldn’t get started as I couldn’t find the one specific topic to talk about.

I mean, a Blog must concentrate on one topic, right?

You can learn it everywhere: To attract readers, you need to find the one field you are the pro in.

One area of expertise and you continue writing about this one topic.

Forever... and if you want to talk about something outside this box, you need to create a new blog or make a re-branding.

Yes - ehm.


Thanks - but no thanks.

The thing is: There is not the one thing I am the pro in. There is not the one thing I am interested in. There is a multitude of topics and areas I love and I am curious about. And this struggle delayed the launch - until now.

Another issue I was facing was finding a name for it because I couldn´t pick one topic and tried to be more general.

I thought about “Blog with no name”, but a couple of people had this idea before me, and so I didn’t follow this approach further. Still, I guess, it must be a hit on Search Engines!

Besides the naming, I had some other deciding issues to tackle:

  • I couldn´t decide which language to type in all the time. I rather want to be able to freely decide whether I want an article to appear in this or that language.

  • I also had the question in mind: Do I really want to focus purely on making a Blog or rather a Vlog?

I wanted and needed to be free in this decision.

I do not want to force myself in limitations. Why? Because limitations limit you. And nobody likes being limited. As easy as that 🤷‍♀️

But you know what: The good thing about being the one owning something is: You can decide! You can do it! I can do it.

So - Yes! This Blog needed to become The Multi Blog!

A Blog without limitations - topic-wise, language-wise, and asset-wise. A blog that allows me to talk or write about what I am currently thinking about. A blog that reflects my lifestyle, that is also full of variation and a multitude of topics like

  • Farming

  • Nutrition

  • Architecture

  • Craftsmanship

  • Art

  • Books

  • Fitness

  • Sports

  • Philosophy

  • Traveling

  • Working

  • Management

  • Investing

  • And so on and so forth.

There are so many topics I am interested in, and all this is regularly shifting. Or at least it can.

I learned that there is a name for people like me: multipotentialites or shorter: multipods! And if you are one of us:

Welcome home!


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