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Lurking Opportunities

Opportunities lurk everywhere, and most of them remain ignored as we are too busy and too biased to acknowledge them. Furthermore, the quality of opportunities seems to depend on one's attitude: If you are bitter about the world and expecting people to betray you, you might not get the same opportunities as someone eager to discover new things and eager to get one's act together.

A change in ones thinking

When I got introduced to that thought, I felt that there is a truth behind it, and as a consequence, I tried to be less ignorant and become more attentive in general. Being able to see and recognise opportunities ahead of me seemed to be a meaningful thing to do.

Well, it's not like opportunities are having the form of 5 EUR bills lying on the streets, and you only have to pick them up and put them in your pocket. Instead, it is a change within your usual thinking and doing - the courage to do things differently.

Here are two examples for you:

  1. Instead of letting your room plants dry out and die, think about watering them regularly and seeing them live and grow. Taking over a bit of responsibility for your plants or belongings might open your eyes to acting more thoughtful in other areas of life. How well do your friendships flourish? Have they dried out during the pandemic? Pick up the phone and give a friend a call.

  2. If a colleague is presenting something, what hinders you from listening carefully and taking the chance to learn something new. Make sure to smile when they look at you and nod friendly to let them know they are doing well. Showing a bit of respect and not answering emails during that presentation can mean the world to your colleague. Did you consider they might have had a sleepless night because they were anxious about their upcoming presentation?

It might only be tiny changes in your behaviour that immediately have no visible effect, but they do - and they sum up.

Is it karma?

Maybe the whole idea is similar to the thought of karma and cause and effect. Actually, it is very much possible, but I also think that by acting purposefully, responsible and doing good voluntarily, we get the chance to see and use opportunities more likely.

And then, after learning to be more mindful, we might be able and open to act and think differently when an opportunity knocks at our door. Suddenly, we are able to see something as an opportunity that has a meaningful impact on our life - such as a new job, a new friend or a lesson learned.

5 Euro on the street

I just wanted to mention that even though I wrote above that opportunities do not come as 5 Euro bills on the street, they can!

However, I guess they come more often in other forms, such as an unexpected phone call inviting you to think about taking over new responsibilities at work.

In any case, I'll remain attentive and open to seeing what the world is offering. Hopefully, I will find the courage to accept some of the opportunities now and then.

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