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About me - Esther Heide

Hi there - Esther here!

Thank you very much for visiting my blog! I hope you enjoy your stay!

And while I have you here: Let me take the opportunity to introduce myself to you.

Who am I?

Long story short: My name is Esther Heide and I am hosting The Multi Blog as a hobby to combine a few of the things I enjoy doing. One is exploring, another is writing, and in combination: Here is The Multi Blog!

I invite you to check in every now and then and read a few lines. It´s all for free, and I´ll make sure the content and topics I write about grow over time.

Back to myself: I was born in 1984 and live in Germany.

I am a fan of globalization and transparent communication. As English is at least in the top three languages shared by most people, I tend to write mostly in English. (Moreover, my Chinese, Spanish, and Hindi are currently not at a level I would be able to communicate in.)

I am always interested in a multitude of topics. If I come across something new and interesting - I am fully in! That explains why I am highly interested in learning and continually acquiring new abilities and skills. I am also very curious and exploratory. I often find myself interested in abstract thinking, philosophy, and the meaning of belief systems and ideologies.

Maybe one as the one denominator of all things:

Language -in any variation- fascinates me. I am not just talking about speaking, reading, and writing, or different languages but also mimics and gestures, a friendly smile or silence.

Language enables communication and interaction between us. What could be more interesting?

What is my background?

Currently, I am working as a Senior Campaign Manager in the IT world. With a track record of successfully delivering projects, I am responsible for implementing all Global Marketing Campaigns and helping plan, design and execute our global campaigns. Part of my daily routine involves managing operations and monitoring progress across all campaigns.

Before that, I had the honour of leading the company's partnership with the Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS F1 team as a Senior Program Manager, Sports Partnerships. In this role, I worked on bringing the partnership to life through memorable activations and events and fascinating content creation.

I also used to be the Program Manager for the Online Community within the same company and in that role I was focussing on

  • providing relevant communication,

  • empowering peer-to-peer support by generating high-quality content and

  • turning everyone into experts through knowledge sharing.

My educational background is as colorful as my interests and I am always trying to learn something new:

  • After finishing school, I did vocational training and can call myself a draftsman (wo)man in building construction. That means I learned to create drawings of buildings before they are built to visualize the new building and to guide the ones actually being built in the right direction.

  • After finishing that, I went to the University, and I hold a degree (Magistra Artium) in Scandinavian and German Studies as well as in Education. During my time at university, I concentrated on medieval studies. Both for the German and Scandinavian parts. Honestly - I think I was living the dream when writing my final thesis about an Arthus-saga!

  • After University, I wrote for a local newspaper and got a bit deeper into journalism. It inspired me very much, and as a kind of highlight, I was asked by a local publisher to add a short story to an anthology he was about to release. After that experience, I thought I might give it another shot and submitted a story I wrote to a writing contest. To my delight, this story has been accepted and published.

  • Following my time at the newspaper, I started a sales job. After I settled into the job, I discovered distance learning. As a result, I am a certified Nutrition Counselor, Google Certified Project Manager, and I finished another course on Corporate Communication. This kind of learning was an eye-opener for me, and I am always looking for a new distance learning course I can add to my watchlist.

  • Right now, when writing these lines, I am trying to create a clean, modern, and fitting online blog and am getting into web design.

That´s it for now. I hope I was able to shed some light on myself. If you want to learn more, please continue reading About The Multi Blog and follow me on LinkedIn.

Enjoy The Multi Blog,


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