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Broaden your mindset

Independently from where your mindset is now, I believe continuously working on broadening one´s mindset is a good thing.

Staying agile, adapting to new situations and new challenges, and overcoming one's fears and objections is something to work on and look for. This with the goal to ongoingly grow and improve.

How can you broaden your mindset?

It sounds buzzy, but leaving your comfort zone and learning something new every day is a good way to start.

Think back to the Sapir-Whorf-hypothesis and the idea, that you see the world determined by the parameters of your knowledge and language. We are putting the controversies of this hypothesis to the side as it only acts as an example to understand this better.

By increasing your experiences and knowledge every day a bit, your understanding of the world grows. See your mindset as a muscle that needs to be trained and stretched to grow.

Talk to strangers and people that are thinking differently than you. Be open to listen to them and learn from them - even if it is just to get an understanding of their perspective.

One rather easy training could be to talk to someone who likes different kinds of music than you. Ask them to tell you about the music and try to understand why they like it and where they see the beauty in it. It does not mean that you have to like the music after that too, but you are stretching yourself beyond your regular capabilities and you are seeing the world from a different angle.

Keep in mind: Try not to convince the other person about your opinion but try to understand their thinking. It is about broadening your mindset and learning something new and not about putting your opinion onto other people.

The good thing is there is no right or wrong when it comes to music or taste in general. So it is a smooth starting point to tap into a new world.

And let´s see: Maybe when hearing this kind of music next time you can "see" its beauty too.

I will become a successful author

"Gosh - that sounds arrogant."


"Woohoo - I like your self-confidence!"

What did you think when reading this headline? Were you immediately thinking I am arrogant or did you applaud me to not talk myself down?

By vocalizing what could be and imagining the goal, I am getting closer to this goal as I am opening up my mindset for the possibility that I can become a successful author.

If I would say to myself that I will never ever manage to become a successful author I am limiting myself and putting hard to overcome boundaries in my head fearing the future or - accepting that future already now. Fixing my mindset towards thinking that I won´t be a successful author will most likely result in a self-fulfilling prophecy.

I will become a millionaire is an equally interesting sentence. The question is: Why not? Why shouldn´t I become a millionaire? I have the chances to and the capabilities. I can increase my income, make educated decisions on investing, and have faith and trust in myself. To become a millionaire, I might think about ways to become one and make smarter decisions when buying stuff. Just to be clear: Currently, I am far away from being a millionaire but having a millionaire's mindset, thinking growth-oriented and innovative to get at one point in time to that goal is the first step to make.

Growing your repertoire

By trying new things and staying open to new experiences, you are growing your repertoire automatically. Things you experienced yesterday can help you solve a problem today.

By learning and applying constantly, you get an awesome skillset to help you achieve your goals.

With a growing repertoire of knowledge and skills, you are equipped for more and more challenges you face. Whether you want to be an entrepreneur working on your own dreams or being part of a company towards a shared dream, you will most likely find new solutions easier than others.

And while being interested in new experiences that are broadening your mindset, you will become more interesting for others too. Hello, new opportunity, hello, new challenge! And yes - we are talking again about self-fulfilling prophecies. This time in a good way, by opening up new possibilities based on your mindset.

Practical tips

Even if you are already working in a good position somewhere, stay open for an internship during your vacations somewhere or work as a volunteer to learn something new.

You can also start an online course about a topic that you find interesting. Whether you only spend time on it or time and money, any course is most likely worth the effort as you are investing in yourself, broadening your mindset, and growing your repertoire.

For some, you might even get a certificate that might help you in the future to find a new job. Others will "only" increase your unique set of qualities, knowledge, and way of thinking.

It does not need to be highly official or business-related. Equally good is to start discovering a new sport, reading an inspiring book, talking to friends or strangers, or simply taking a few minutes daily to recap on your thoughts.

Anything that will help you to sharpen "the innovative you" is excellent for broadening your mindset.

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