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Imperfectly Perfect: The Ever-Changing Canvas of Personal Growth

We all have imperfections.

You can either view yours as flaws or as opportunities. Either way, you get a glimpse of what you can become when looking at them because they reveal potential and inspire us to improve and innovate.

Five imperfect carrots according to supermarket standards

Unconsciously or consciously, we are usually aware of our flaws. However, once a year, a spotlight is put on them, and shortly after Christmas, we are reminded to tackle bits and pieces of our imperfections and articulate our New Year's resolutions. I am no exception here.

January comes and goes, and the excitement to tackle these grand ideas fades when we realise that perfection is out of reach no matter how hard we work.

And yes, when we stick to working hard, we improve and are closer to the original goal, but we never become perfect

But hey, good news, we don't have to. Perfection is the ideal state and impossible to attain. 

The only thing we can do as humans is to constantly change the shape of our imperfections to get closer to our goals. This is what we have to do and then, we acutually have the opportunity to become more attentive, healthier, fitter, more social, or whatever else we aim at. 

The imperfect person

Have you ever met a perfect person? Objectively perfect? On all levels?

I have not and have never met anyone who claimed it.

That being said, I have met brilliant people, kind people, beautiful people, funny people, and wonderful people who appear perfect to me - even though they clearly do not see themselves anywhere near to being so. And, of course, they are right. They have flaws, wrinkles, rough edges, fears, and peculiarities - the aspects that make them them.

But they still are perfectly wonderful in my eyes. 


Because they are inspiring.

Inspiring in their efforts to improve while staying honest with themselves.

Inspiring in their striving to be more attentive and friendly and healthy.

Inspiring in how they succeed and move on despite failing ever so often.

Inspiring because they are unique and full of surprises.

Inspiring because they are imperfect and will always be, and still, work hard to become a better version of themselves, and this is what makes them truly perfect.

Perfection is in the eye of the beholder.

Never stop improving

But hold on: That doesn't mean you or I are good enough and don't need to aim at the highest possible goal. We are never done working on ourselves and focusing on becoming better. 

If you are happy and content with yourself today, that's great, but tomorrow, you must tackle improving again. 

We can't remain in today's state - ever. We may be better than yesterday, but we must keep working hard and aim high toward the key opportunities our imperfections reveal

Therefore it is no wonder that imperfections excite me, make me think, nervous, feel alive, keep me on my toes, and show me how and where to focus. What would life be without imperfection? Who would I be without them? 

And so, I embrace my imperfections and will constantly strive to overcome them... just to encounter someting new to improve in tomorrow and embrace it again.

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