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Deep Ketosis Challenge

During the late summer and autumn, I found a fasting balance of approximately 14 hours per day. It felt like a good and solid schedule while being a bit boring at the same time.

Well, well, well. The boring times are over now 🥳

Coming out of a relaxed period, I decided to extend my daily fasting window again. So I took a week to slowly transition back to One Meal A Day (=OMAD). And here I am - on day 25 of only eating once a day.

I don't know how you think about OMAD, but for me, OMAD is partly challenging and partly easily doable. It is like living on the edge without actually living on the edge.

Keto on OMAD

You can bet that I check my Keto levels again daily. So far, I am constantly in low to moderate ketosis (breath ketometer levels ranging between 3-5).

While that's pretty cool, I have the feeling: A new challenge is waiting for me.

Before the holiday season begins, I'd like to go one week into deep ketosis and keep levels between 5 and 6+ all the time.

Kick start ketosis

Now I need to decide what I do to kick start deep ketosis. Basically, I am thinking about the following two options:

  1. Extend the fasting window until I reach the Keto level 6

  2. Reduce the protein intake and upper the fat intake

Currently, fasting for 48 hours or even more seems a bit scary to me. It feels like I would actually be living on the edge and that would be pretty darn challenging especially when I can get to deep ketosis in a different way.

So, I think I go the OMAD path with more ketogenic menus. This way I can still enjoy eating once a day.

Especially in winter there are so many delicious options for juicy meals with lots of fat that help me to reach deeper levels of ketosis easily.

That being said - enjoy the holiday season and eat well, not often 😎

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