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The roaring twenties

I can already feel the temperature rising for people going out again and celebrate.

Coming together, dancing, drinking, and feeling good to compensate for all that we´ve missed out in the last 13 months.

Billions of people have been held back from socializing and celebrating good times and what we can see happening already partly in the US might actually be a good indicator of what to expect in the months and years to come. But not only partying is on the agenda of things people miss: Travelling, having fun and exploring the world, too!

We are now heading the Easter holidays and spring but at least here in Europe, there are no signs that the lockdown will be softened anytime soon that would allow us to celebrate or feast or socialize or explore or express ourselves.

But this is maybe only stretching the bow even further and the desire and need to have a drink with friends and go dancing will increase further.

At one point, it will be possible again. It must. Even here in Germany where the vaccination-speed is kind of slow. I am wondering: What will we see? An overcompensation? Or a tentative beginning? Whatever it will be, chances are good to actually have some roaring twenties again.

Roaring twenties are not only about partying and drinking: People might be tired of watching movies on their small screens at home - and alone. They want to go to the cinema and have the full experience incl. the XXL screens and their friends. They want to visit concerts and festivals, dress up and eat out and stay in a hotel for some nights exploring other cities. Basically, at one point everything that is not staying at home, ordering pizza, and watching Netflix can be seen as roaring twenties 😉

What does it mean for our portfolio?

Is it now the time to prepare? Should we stock up on travel or beverage stocks?

Already now we saw the recovery stocks literally explode. Everyone seems to predict recovery and partying crowds everywhere.

While I tend to believe that some people started to enjoy a calmer life, there are millions of people out there feeling prisoned and can´t wait to live their lives again to the fullest.

Those are the ones I think it´s worth looking at when deciding how to design the portfolio.

And with this, it might not be the worst idea ever to adjust the portfolio and add some travel, beverage, and recovery stocks.

I am not convinced the time has come to sell the stay-at-home stocks and therefore, I keep them in my portfolio. Actually, I am pretty excited about their next quarterly reports - Q1 2021 was still lockdown-y.

One thing I am personally certain about: One of the biggest winners might be the Walt Disney stock. The pandemic hit them hard on their parks but was like a blessing to their streaming service. Once they can open up the parks again, they have the best out of both worlds: Millions of subscribers and life-hungry people in their roller-coasters. This is of course no financial advice, just my personal opinion.

If you ask me, I am somewhere on the fence: I want to dine out again and meet friends, I want to be able to go to the office again where I have not been for 14 months but I am not seeing myself as someone who will spend more money on parties or vacation going forward than before. Maybe more on according stocks 😏 What about you?

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