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What about the Bunnies?

On a scale between 0 and 10: How cute are bunnies?

I know! They are super cute!!

I hope that when you visited my website the first time and wondered about the bunnies, you found them adorable and cute at the same time.

First things first: I am happy you are here and reading this and I hope, that the bunnies on my blog made you smile. No worries - this Blog and even this post are not about bunnies, but:

I mean - come on: Look at them. They are cuties!

And that´s already the magic behind them:

I hope that those bunnies and all their friends you find on this blog make you smile as they make me.

I think we all should make sure to make our inner child happy. In the real world and online.

Being a grown-up is a cool thing - sometimes at least. But what I found much cooler is being able to enjoy the little things and to smile and to become a little bit happier when seeing something cute or fun or simply nice.

Our lives are filled with serious topics and concerns and obligations, deadlines and appointments, disappointments, and too much fast pace.

So - lean back, enjoy the little things, enjoy this blog and the bunnies, smile when you see something nice or when you read entertaining content, and focus on all that makes your life a bit better.

And: Don´t forget to eat well, sleep well, and do not take yourself too seriously. Add bunnies to your blog!

Best wishes,


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