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Bread on a keto plan

If you're riding the keto-train, you won´t have the chance to enjoy a solid slide of bread very often. Why? Because bread is classically made of flour and filled with carbohydrates and with this definitely not in line with your keto-plan.

And yes - you read correctly that I chose the word enjoy in combination with bread. Admittedly, a slice of bread for breakfast or any other meal can be delicious once in a while. Don´t get me wrong: I am convinced that living keto is the best thing for human beings, unfortunately, there are times and events or just days, where I simply want to eat a slice of bread. Or two 😉

Just think about dipping it into your chili or a soup or enjoying it with a fantastic topping. Delicious!

To not celebrate a carb-load when the time for a slice of bread is there, smart people came up with ideas to have keto-friendly bread. This allows us to actually enjoy bread as the unwanted consequences of a carb load are not appearing - No bloating, no bad feelings.

I tried a few recipes and started to experiment with ingredients as well and now I am happy to have a wonderful and fantastic tasting recipe for keto-friendly bread.

Of course - I am happy to share this one with you:

The Recipe

300 g Ground almonds (blonde or natural)*

80 g Ground psyllium husk powder

~ 12 g Himalayan salt

10 g Baking powder

20 g Sesame seeds

6 Eggs

A sip Of Apple Cider vinegar

450 ml Boiling water

*I prefer simple ground almonds before almond flour as the flour gives the bread an overall marzipan experience that I don´t want to have in bread.

  1. Start with the dry ingredients and mix them well before adding the vinegar and the eggs.

  2. The last thing to add is boiling water while mixing. Keep in mind: The water will immediately "react" with the eggs.

  3. Now you have a wonderful and fluffy bread dough that is ready to get into the oven.

I add the dough into a form (I use glass as you can see below) to define the form. But you can also bake it without a form and will get great results. You will notice that the amount of dough will fit perfectly in a regular cake pan.

Bake at 175°C for 60 minutes.

I prefer removing the bread from the form immediately after baking and let it cool down outside of the form.

My favorite toppings

As my bread is now ready, I want to give you two examples of bread toppings I like a lot.

I don´t know whether there is a solid translation into English or not, and therefore please excuse that I am going ahead and use the German term for it: Zwiebelmett and Fleischsalat.

Zwiebelmett is raw minced pork mixed with some spices that will be eaten with a layer of salt, pepper, and fresh onions. Simply delicious! For me, it belongs on a slice of bread to have the full experience. I guess you can enjoy it in a carnivore-ish style too, but to stay traditionally: Eat this one with bread 😋

Fleischsalat is sliced meat (e.g. Lyoner) in Mayonnaise and works well eaten purely but even better it is on a slice of bread.

Actually, I am not too sure whether you get these toppings outside of Germany easily, but I am sure you have your own favorites!

Enjoy your bread!

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