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Challenge Update - Finishing OMAD April

📢 I hereby officially end OMAD April

May has come and it is time for the aftermath.

Let´s start the second review round of the OMAD progress to cover the weeks three and four. (For the first round, see OMAD progress.)

The stats

OK - how long did I fast? And how many meals did I eat?

Calculating from April 1st to April 30th, I come to the following results (I do not count the fasts from March and May that are visible in the images below):

Hours fasted: 706 hours

Number of meals: 26

Longest fast: 47 hours

Number of prolonged fasts: 4

I don´t count the hours of ketosis based on the above numbers as I ate most of the meals very low carb. With this, I have been in ketosis most of the time anyways minus some hours after meals with a slightly higher carb volume.

What else

The weeks three and four went well. Actually, I want to mention that OMAD became normal at one point in time. And normal means that OMAD did no longer feel super special or like a food challenge.

Honestly, this is what I am wondering about the most. How can it become normal in such a short period of time to completely switch to only one meal a day? The question arises that OMAD might be more normal to humans or me than I thought initially.

As I kept on fasting completely on Mondays, eating on Tuesday and Wednesday were the most emotional meals: Tuesday after having not eaten for 40+ hours as a feasting event and Wednesday funnily as a surprise Oh I can eat again - already? I just ate yesterday.

Otherwise, I kept on sleeping well most of all nights and enjoyed every single meal I had. Unfortunately, I got some symptoms of a cold most likely due to hay fever which led to me not feeling too well all the time. I put this allergy on my list of things I want to improve with diet and fasting.

And now?

What a question: OMAD May already started!

But this time I want to vary a bit more and play with the numbers. My current plan is to mix between some 24-hour fasts and some 30/16 as well as incorporate -if possible- some prolonged fasts. With this, I want to avoid that my body adjusts to OMAD too much to keep it challenging.

30/16 means that a 30 hour fast is followed by one meal followed by a 16 hour fast followed by one meal. Both meals have a length of one hour and with this, we have a full 48-hour cycle.

What about you? Are you in again?

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