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OMAD April - Eating challenge

I am having huge plans for April 2021 and I can´t wait for OMAD April to start. Secretly, I am already practicing for it.

But hold on - let´s firstly check: What is OMAD April?

OMAD April is a food and eating challenge that only has a single rule with the goal to make it as easy as possible:

✅From April 1st to April 30th, follow an OMAD eating schedule.

Yepp - that´s it. Just that one rule 😊 Easy, right?

And if you still wonder, what OMAD is: OMAD stands for One Meal A Day. You can read more about it here: 5 tips for intermittent fasting

What to eat and when to eat?

As the BBQ season is starting and the sunny weather invites us to grill outside, I am planning to stick to a carnivore-ish eating style.

As usual, I am eating until I am full and after 24 hours of fasting, this requires slightly more food intake than usual - but not much. In any case, overeating is to be avoided.

I want to stick to a mid-day eating window. This fits best into my day and allows me to enjoy the spring sun the most.

Re-focus on health

Focussing on a healthy lifestyle is what I am always striving to do. It´s not always easy and definitely nothing that happens automatically. Admittingly, there are times I have to force myself to not fall into unhealthy habits again. And a challenge is one of the best ways to get back on track after having lost the focus.

In OMAD April, I want to have a deep focus on health and going back to a regulated base of eating and not eating, sports and balancing. And with the spring around the corner, there are great opportunities for being more outside, enjoying the sun, and doing sports outside.

By calling the challenge OMAD April I am actually setting the boundaries of what and how long to make it easier for me to stick to it and harder to find excuses.


Before starting officially on April 1st, I am doing some preparation to increase the chances of a successful OMAD April.

  1. Fasting

  2. Shopping

Last Sunday, I started with a 45-hour fast that lasted until Tuesday mid-day. After breaking the fast with delicious grilled meat, I started a 24-hour fast. And now, I am in another 24-hour fast and waiting for OMAD April to start tomorrow.

But why am I fasting as a preparation for fasting?

👉I wanted to reach ketosis before starting the actual challenge and overcome any potential keto-flu. With this, I am trying to make myself feel best during the complete challenge and avoid a tough start with flu-like symptoms. To support my body, I drank some bouillion and supplemented magnesium and a bit of Himalayan salt. Still, I had a soft headache earlier today, but that´s luckily already gone.

Also, I went shopping and bought a large amount of meat for BBQs. Everything that could trigger me to snack outside of the eating window stayed in the shop. I guess that´s the best preparation possible: Limit what is triggering you and stock up on meat. If you have something in the house, that might make you want to snack: Get rid of it before the challenge is starting.

And now the most important question: Are you joining me? 😎

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