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Protein Cookies

Sometimes, I want dessert. A tasty, wonderful little treat that gives me peace of mind and calms me. After an umami or spicy meal, sometimes all I want is something sweet. But you are right: I do not want a sugar load!

For those days, I am happy to have a fallback recipe at hand, that is easy and super fast to make.

I am happy to share another 3-ingredient recipe for a sweet and healthy dessert that is dairy- and gluten-free.

Protein Cookie recipe

The recipe is so easy and adjustable that you basically can´t screw it up at all.

All you need are your leftover egg whites from your Yeggos, ground hazelnuts, and something sweet (if you do not have a sweet tooth, you can actually skip the sweetener completely).

I personally prefer erythritol as it has a mild sweetener effect and is not giving people a bad gut feeling after having it. For me, it feels like a "safer" sweetener that is having the least side effects compared with the bitter taste of Stevia, the laxative effect of Xylitol, or the carb load of sugar. Actually, I have not come across any negative side effects so far.

Here is what you need as a ground base. Don´t worry, you can scale it up or down based on what you have at hand, how much you want to bake and how sweet or crunchy you like it.

I am assuming, you made yourself Yeggos from 5 egg yolks this morning and with this, you have 5 egg whites left. This will result in approx. a half baking tray full of cookies for you and your family.

5 Egg whites

50 g Ground hazelnuts

10 g Erythritol

How to

  1. Start with your egg whites and whip them until they are stiff. In between beating the egg white, add a tablespoon of erythritol to give it time to connect well with the egg white. I tried it both with powdered erythritol and the classical crystals and I did not notice a difference.

  2. As the last step, add the ground hazelnut and carefully mix it with the egg white. ⚠The more you beat it now, the less stiff or more liquid the dough will get again. As a rule of thumb you can keep in mind: The stiffer the dough, the voluminous the cookies will get.

  3. That´s it. Now you only need to put all the dough on your baking tray (with baking paper) and bake it for 8-10 minutes at 175°C.

👉As I am very lazy, I only make one large cookie and cut it into pieces after baking it, but you can make single cookies as well.

Energy dashboard

I checked the recipe in a calculator and got the following result for the above recipe in gram, percent and calories:

Carbs: 7g 27 kcal (11%)

Fat: 31 g 286 kcal (50%)

Protein: 24 g 100 kcal (39%)

Keep in mind that you can adjust the above by changing the amount of hazelnuts or by choosing a different sweetener or by using any of the below-mentioned pimps. With this, you can make sure to meet your preferred ratio.

Pimp ´em up

I got a pro tip for you: You can pimp the Protein Cookies and make them even better!

1️⃣Do you want them to taste like a creamy hazelnut cake?

👉Easy done by adding a layer of whipped cream on it.

This little trick will help you increase your fat intake a bit, but keep in mind: the cookies won´t be dairy-free anymore.

2️⃣Do you want it a bit more fruity?

👉As we are in the midst of the cherry season, I added fresh cherries on top of it and baked them together.

You can add whatever you feel like. But be prepared that this will add the carbs a bit.

3️⃣ Be creative and pimp your protein cookies based on your gusto!

  • Make it almond: Use almonds instead of hazelnuts

  • Add a flavor: There are a couple of keto-friendly flavors out there that you can use to create a variety of different shades of your protein cookies

  • Add oblates: You might know oblates as baking wafers or even from the church. In any case, you can add them below the dough to have a more robust cookie. If you need gluten-free cookies, better check for gluten-free oblates.

And with this: Enjoy your Protein Cookies

What´s your favorite pimp? Or do you enjoy them pure?

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