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I got a new favorite breakfast recipe that I can´t wait to share with you.

This recipe is real multi-talent as you can use the same recipe for waffles, burger buns, muffins and I think even pancakes. The best is, that it only has 3 ingredients, and on top: it is dairy- and gluten-free, and even keto.

I found this recipe when looking for ideas on what to do with egg yolks on YouTube. After watching a video about Yeggos, I tried it immediately and got hooked as it actually works. I mean: It is easy and yummy and it´s fitting my ketovore life just perfectly.

Before I went over to share the recipe on my own blog I first asked the genius mind behind it for permission to share it here with you and I was lucky enough to get her approval.

Thank you Sarah aka Carnivore Yogi for sharing this recipe with us and allowing me to present it on my blog!

I highly recommend everyone to check out Sarahs YouTube Channel and Instagram for tons of information and recipes all around a carnivore lifestyle:

Asking Sarah in a live session whether I am allowed to share her recipe. She said yes 🙌 And: Sorry for the typo!

Yeggo recipe

As said above, the recipe has only 3 ingredients: Egg yolks, fat and baking soda and with this, it is fairly easy to prepare and most of us will have all ingredients at home all the time:

For 3 waffles, 2 muffins, or one large burger bun you need:

5 egg yolks

20 g melted fat (I took butter)

1/2 teaspoon baking soda

👉For the fat part, I used butter, but according to what Sarah says in the video, you can use any kind you like or have at home. Just keep in mind: Depending on the kind of fat, the taste might slightly vary: A waffle made out of bacon grease will have a different flavor than one made with butter.

Also: You can adjust the recipe based on your waffle iron or muffin size. I adjusted it to fit mine, too 🙌

How to

  1. Separate 5 eggs. (For this recipe, we only need the egg yolk. You can use the egg white for another recipe.)

  2. Melt the butter in a pan or microwave and add it to the egg yolks

  3. Add half a teaspoon of baking soda to the dough and mix it well.

  4. That´s it. Now you only need to decide what kind of yeggos you want to bake.

Waffles, Muffins, or Burger Bun?

I started with making waffles.

To be honest: I kind of fell in love with them and made them quite often. And I tested them intensively: I ate them pure, with bacon, with kebab meat, with creme-cheese and it absolutely worked with everything I tried.

The next thing I tried was the same dough in a muffin form.

Yeggos as a muffin work nicely as a side dish for BBQ or anything meat-y. You can also treat them like bread rolls and add some butter and topping and enjoy them separately.

The recipe with 5 egg yolks works for 2 muffins and you can bake them at 175°C for 10 minutes.

The last thing I tried for now is Yeggo as Burger Bun. Check out the slide show below to get some impressions:

Important to mention is that the dough is not stiff enough to make the buns without a form. I used a small casserole dish as a helper tool and it worked quite well. I put some butter in the form to make sure I can remove it easily after baking it. However, this led to the fact that the bun was a bit "fatty" to touch... I might need to find a better way to bake it. Maybe with a silicone form. Anyways - the images below show how perfect the recipe works for buns 🤩

One thing I want to test soon is making Yeggo-pancakes. This would be a perfect method for wraps or when being on vacation and not having a waffle-iron with me.

⚠ A small warning: Do not use the egg-white for the dough even though you think it is a good idea. It is not. Trust me. The result is definitely not the same - absolutely not 😅 At least not for the waffles. But I am not curious to test it again for muffins or the buns.

Energy dashboard

I checked the recipe in a calculator and got the following result for the above recipe in gram, percent and calories:

Carbs: 1 g 5 kcal (2%)

Fat: 48 g 450 kcal (74%)

Protein: 16 g 67 kcal (25%)

For me, this looks like a great keto recipe!

The Original Carnivore Yogi Video

Last but not least I am happy to present you with Sarahs original video about her Yeggos aka Zero Carb Dairy Free Muffins and Waffles - thanks Sarah:

Enjoy your Yeggos and let me know how you liked the recipe in the comments 👇

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